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Paul Abraham: An end and a beginning

By Paul Abraham of

I have recently been reading some of television presenter Ben Fogle’s books of his life and adventures, despite (in his own words) not being brilliant academically or sporting at school.

Here are the contents of his letter to his children before he set off to climb Mount Everest, which I feel we could all learn from.

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“Life is about the journey not the destination.
Live it brightly. Live it brilliantly and live it wisely.
Don’t waste it. Not one single day.
Add life to your days not days to your life.

Live for the now, not the then.

Be spontaneous.
Go with your heart. Instinct is often right.
Take criticism on the chin and use it usefully.

Life is there to complete, not to compete.
Although it will sometimes feel like a competition.
Don’t get swept up by it, it’s not a race.
Be magnanimous in victory and graceful in defeat.
Be humble and try not to grumble.

Confide. Don’t divide.
Reach. Don’t preach.
Be caring and considerate.
Be principled but open-minded enough to be pragmatic.

Try and be the shepherd not the sheep.
Remember, you aren’t just a face in the crowd. You’re unique.
Despite a planet of seven billion, there is no one else like you.

Your personality will be shaped and moulded by the company you keep
and the experiences you have.
Be comfortable with who you are.
Don’t try and be what others want or expect you to be.

Listen, be curious and learn.
Wealth is all about how YOU interpret it.
Money will not buy you happiness nor love.
Experiences WILL make you richer.
Travel will broaden your mind.

People will judge you, but don’t let that judgement define you.
Don’t let failure defeat you.
Insecurity will creep up on you throughout life, try not to listen to it.
Be confident, never arrogant.

People will be outrageous and provocative.
Try not to be outraged or provoked.
Don’t live life through a screen.
Live for bikes and hikes, not likes and swipes.
Routine is far more dangerous than risk.

Some days you will feel a little down.
The highs and lows are human nature.
Your life should be filled with light and shade,
it is these ups and downs that remind us
what is important in life.

Fortune really does favour the brave.

Be brave.
Take risks.
Live your life.

And don’t forget to look UP.”


  1. Thank you so much Paul for sharing Ben Fogle’s wise words to his children. It is unlikely that I would have read his book so great that I now have his wisdom at my fingertips too.

    Best wishes

  2. Wonderful words from Ben Fogle. I read them more than once.
    Also what a miss Harvard Mills will be.!!! It’s been there ever since i came to live in Bramley and the last thing i bought is my lovely front room wall paper just before they closed their doors for the last time.


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