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About West Leeds Dispatch

We’re a local news website for West Leeds, giving residents a voice, holding our elected members to account and keeping an eye on developments in the area.

We support and celebrate volunteers in our community. So if you are part of a group or want to set something up, do get in touch to share your story via the West Leeds Dispatch. And if you want to volunteer for us by writing about news, views, reviews or anything else in the West Leeds area we’d love to hear from you.

We aim to tell you about news and events in West Leeds. We cover:

  • Armley
  • Bramley
  • Burley
  • Calverley
  • Kirkstall
  • Farnley (Old and New)
  • Farsley
  • Pudsey
  • Rodley
  • and Wortley

Contributors & volunteers

The Dispatch is managed by a small team of volunteers who juggle running this community news service with day jobs, families and other commitments.

We go on holiday, have lives and stuff so it isn’t a 365×24 process. We welcome people writing guest posts or becoming more regular contributors to the site and we can offer help or support if you’re not sure how to go about it.

community reporters West Leeds Dispatch

West Leeds Dispatch community reporters session at Armley Junktion

Our primary contributors are:

John Baron

Glenn Broadbent

Debby Dean

Jill Buckley

Thomas Ritchie

and many others!

Don’t worry about writing ability – we can offer you friendly help and support.

Submissions policy

We welcome contributions from readers on all aspects of community life.

We ask that articles are fair and balanced (ie they show both sides of the story) and, above all, are accurate.

We reserve the right to edit submissions where necessary.

We are a member Impress, the first recognised independent regulator of the press. We adhere to this code of practice and expect our contributors to do the same.

Submit your own stories here.

Complaints procedure

We always strive to be accurate, but sometimes mistakes do slip through during the hectic production process. If you find a factual error or have a complaint to make about the Dispatch, please do contact us. You can find details of how to complain here.

We are a member Impress, the first recognised independent regulator of the press.

Independent Community News Network

The Dispatch is pleased to be a founder member of the Independent Community News Network (ICNN), a representative organisation for the independent community and hyperlocal news sector. ICNN advocates and lobbies on behalf of independent news publishers across the country and fight for better opportunities for all.

PoliticsCommunity news cafe

This site is not affiliated to any political group – we are interested in making the area a better place, not the politics. We work with whoever is committed to helping our communities.


We are always delighted when people comment on the issues we raise. We are realistic about the fact that many open comment sites are, bluntly, ruined by people who are driven by their own agenda and who abuse the anonymity granted by the internet.

Comments on The Dispatch are moderated before approval. We approve comments that disagree with the overall tone of the site, but not racists, ranters, trolls or bullies.

West Leeds Community Media

In 2017 we founded a company called West Leeds Community Media to help manage and develop the West Leeds Dispatch.

The social enterprise is managed by a board of people involved and invested in the West Leeds area and with a shared interest in community cohesion, engagement and enterprise and, of course, the West Leeds Dispatch and local news. They are:

John Baron (West Leeds Dispatch editor)
Emma Bearman
Jill Buckley (Secretary)
Liz Conner
Jim Corah (Treasurer)
Diane Law
Kerry Murphy (Chairperson)
Iola Shaw
Rebecca Whittington


While you’re here…

Producing your daily dose of West Leeds Dispatch comes at a cost!

There’s the hosting of the website you’re reading now, running our popular e-mail newsletter, membership of independent press regulator Impress, attending summer events, paying for equipment etc etc.

We need at least £200 a month just to break even – that’s money currently coming out of the pockets of dedicated volunteers who are passionate about what’s happening in our communities, connecting you with local groups and organisations as well as holding decision-makers to account and championing local issues.

And all that’s BEFORE we even think about paying something for people’s time – for instance, our editor puts in more than 24 hours a week in his ‘spare’ time to ensure The Dispatch publishes daily.

To put it bluntly, after nearly four years of daily publishing, we are not sustainable!

And we need YOUR help to continue …

For the cost of less than a couple of cups of coffee you can help support local community news and continue to give our communities a voice by taking out a subscription for just £4 per month (that’s just a pound a week).

As a thanks you’ll get your name on a roll of honour on our website. More importantly you will be enabling us to keep bringing you the news that matters about your neighbourhood.

Achieving a bedrock of supporters will give us a firm financial footing and help us plan for the future.

Supporting us couldn’t be easier…

Just follow this link.

Over to you …

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