Thursday, September 24, 2020


Paul Taylor: The importance of acceptance

Fulneck School principal Paul Taylor continues his occasional column, arguing “tolerance” is fine in so far as it goes, but “acceptance” takes...

Paul Abraham: What is Mindfulness?

By Paul Abraham of Over recent years there has been a huge surge of interest in Mindfulness. ...

Mark’s History: From Armley Gaol hunger strike to the OBE – the radical journey of Leonora Cohen

Leonora Cohen lead an interesting life, writes Mark Stevenson. She was born in 1873 in Hunslet where her...

Mark’s History: A Rodley family’s past unravelled from a Farsley gravestone

Tucked away in the corner of St John's Church Graveyard in Farsley is a gravestone belonging to the Crossley family of Rodley,...

Paul Taylor: The bystander effect – and why we don’t always do what we know to be right

Fulneck School principal Paul Taylor's occasional blog this time looks at why it's time to be an 'anti-bystander.

Rachel Reeves column: We need to dramatically increase number of COVID-19 tests

Leeds West MP Rachel Reeves continues her monthly column... Abbey House and Armley Industrial Museum

Mark’s History: The Farsley carver who created the famous figures in Thornton’s Arcade

Meet John Wormald Appleyard, one-time resident of Water Lane in 1850s Farsley, writes Mark Stevenson.

Paul Abraham: Don’t fall victim to the “everything is my fault” approach

By Paul Abraham of When things go wrong, we sometimes start a list of ways we failed,...

Mark’s History: West Leeds connections scratched into Cow and Calf Rocks

Sometimes West Leeds connections can pop up in the most unlikely places, writes Mark Stevenson. If you have...

Mark’s History: The old buildings and ford along a walk in the Kirkstall Valley

I would not say this walk is unspoilt but I would grab it whilst you can, writes Mark Stevenson.

Mark’s History: Armley Hall Vicarage and the changing face of Armley

I wonder what the first Vicar to live in Armley Hall Vicarage felt about the place? writes Mark Stevenson.

Mark’s History: Forgotten past of Armley’s cemetery lodge (which could be yours for £450k)

Francis William Parkinson was born in 1858 at Ramsbottom in Lancashire. He came from a large family of eight children, writes Mark...