Saturday, September 19, 2020


Paul Taylor: The bystander effect – and why we don’t always do what we know to be right

Fulneck School principal Paul Taylor's occasional blog this time looks at why it's time to be an 'anti-bystander.

Rachel Reeves column: We need to dramatically increase number of COVID-19 tests

Leeds West MP Rachel Reeves continues her monthly column... Abbey House and Armley Industrial Museum

Mark’s History: The Farsley carver who created the famous figures in Thornton’s Arcade

Meet John Wormald Appleyard, one-time resident of Water Lane in 1850s Farsley, writes Mark Stevenson.

Paul Abraham: Don’t fall victim to the “everything is my fault” approach

By Paul Abraham of When things go wrong, we sometimes start a list of ways we failed,...

Mark’s History: West Leeds connections scratched into Cow and Calf Rocks

Sometimes West Leeds connections can pop up in the most unlikely places, writes Mark Stevenson. If you have...

Mark’s History: The old buildings and ford along a walk in the Kirkstall Valley

I would not say this walk is unspoilt but I would grab it whilst you can, writes Mark Stevenson.

Mark’s History: Armley Hall Vicarage and the changing face of Armley

I wonder what the first Vicar to live in Armley Hall Vicarage felt about the place? writes Mark Stevenson.

Mark’s History: Forgotten past of Armley’s cemetery lodge (which could be yours for £450k)

Francis William Parkinson was born in 1858 at Ramsbottom in Lancashire. He came from a large family of eight children, writes Mark...

Paul Abraham: A goal too far!

By Paul Abraham of People who cannot attain their goals become consumed with disappointment.  You must let...

Mark’s History: The Wortley man who built a house with a view

I like to think that when James Bateson (a mill owner from Wortley born in 1776) was looking for somewhere to build...

‘Lonely and isolating’ – how this Bramley mum gave birth during lockdown

ALMOST as an afterthought, Bramley resident Ellie, 37, mentioned she was having abdominal pains during her regular Saturday Zoom call to her...

Comment: Why A-level results decision is a flawed idea with grave consequences

A-level and vocational results are arriving for thousands of students today - but unlike other years, these results have been estimated after...