Reader’s letter: Calling for safer streets for our children

A residential street in Burley Park. Photo: Google

Dear sir;- I am writing in support of national charity Living Streets’ call to see 60% of children walking to school by 2029. Fewer than half of primary school aged children walk to school in England, this is a drop from 70% a generation ago. 

When we design streets for children, we create places that work better for everyone. Increased walking rates will reduce road casualties, improve health and air quality, reduce carbon emissions, and boost our economy.  

A combination of ambitious yet realistic targets, at least 10% of transport budgets spent on active travel, improved road safety in our neighbourhoods and empowering local authorities to make the right transport decisions, would go a long way to creating safer streets for children to walk and play. 

I urge all political parties to ensure the walk to school is at the heart of their transport policy this election year. The impact of this investment will also help tackle the current climate, economic and health crises. 

Yours sincerely,

Jane Braunholtz-Speight
Carr Manor Crescent


  1. I’m all in favour of these initiatives. I walk past Valley View Primary school in Rodley, at picking up and dropping off times, and its chaos. All the parents seem to have to get right up to the school entrance in their vehicles, it really does seem to bring out the worst in human behaviour. They block the road, park on double yellow lines, churn up the grass verges, and at pick up time sit outside the school leaving their smelly engines running. Why are people so lazy and inconsiderate?


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