Stepping into History: Armley Common Right Trust


Continuing our look at the history engraved in paving stones on Armley Town Street, Susan Johnson looks at the Armley Common Right Trust – one of the oldest charities in Leeds…

How fortunate the people of Armley are to have benefactors bequeathing pockets of land to provide local families with green spaces for recreation! The idea was to improve the quality of life for those living in back to back houses with no garden.

Armley Common Right Trust, established in 1799, protects six of these spaces for our enjoyment. They are at Hilltop, Charlie Cake Park, Moor Top, Armley Moor, Far Fold and Ley Lane.

The Trust over the years has helped to supply free hanging baskets, organised Easter Egg hunts, bulb planting, given seeds for wild flower meadow planting and hosted “Playbox” in Charlie Cake Park for the children.

Armley Moor hosts Planet Circus and fun fairs and has set up picnic benches and free exercise machines in partnership with the council. The sites are free for local organisations to hold events.

The Trust relies heavily on volunteers for litter picking, pruning and keeping the areas tidy. Fortunately they generously give of their time and volunteer days are a good way of meeting the local community.

Charlie Cake Park was also used for filming a series of Frost starring David Jason, one of its claims to fame.

More details about the Trust here.

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Update: This article has been amended to clarify Armley Common Right Trust is one of, but not the, oldest charity on Leeds.

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