Paul Abraham: Be dynamic and avoid social time wasting

Paul Abraham, speaking at Bramley Lawn.

By Paul Abraham of

During the exceptional situations we have all gone through over the past two years, social media has been marvellous for keeping in contact with friends, colleagues and business contacts and helping to address the feeling of solitude and loneliness.

But a quick look on your Facebook page soon becomes an hour of reading about someone making a cheese sandwich, eating the cheese sandwich and then feeling sick for eating the said sandwich too quickly!  

The time spent telling the world their eating habits or you and I reading about the formation of a sandwich, could and should be used in a more practical and rewarding way.

It had been reported that before the pandemic the average person checks their mobile phone/tablet over a 100 times a day, this has no doubt increased during “lockdown” with many of the messages being,government updates, new tariff charges, have you ever had PPI or an accident that wasn’t your fault in the past three years!

Yes, it is a wonderful thing to fully embrace modern technology, but make it work for you, let it get your name or product out there to the masses, make it the most effective use of your timeby being pro-active, not reactive.

How many of us trawl through the 250+ channels on our television, and then still end up watching a repeat episode of Vera, Lewis or classic Coronation Street, where we could have the job of “prompter” because we know the lines before the actors speak!

Basically we live in a comfort zone of habits. Imagine what you could achieve business or creativity-wise by missing a Midsummer Murders or Lewis episode each night for a week, using those 10 hours of precious time to do something constructive for your career, hobby or well-being.

The rhyme “All work and no play makes Paul a dull boy”, may be right, but Paul will be one step ahead of his competitors and all because he missed seeing Vera’s Land Rover or the latest family argument in ”Corrie” and stopped procrastinating and took action to be dynamic not static.

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