Reader’s letter: Remembering wartime Denison Hall

denison hall leeds
Grand: Denison Hall. Photo: Mark Stevenson

SIR,- I chanced to read Mark Stevenson’s article about Denison Hall, Hanover Square, Leeds, and his surprise that it had been a nursing home during WWII, and how fortunate folks would have been to be born in such a wonderful house.

I’m 81 and I was born in Denison Hall, Room 1a at 6.15pm on Monday 15th Feb 1943 to the sound of air raid sirens.

Photo: Mark Stevenson

Mom was Jessie Craig (her stage name was Jessie Jewel), the delivering doctor was Dr Harry Featherman and the nurse was Nurse Ferguson.

I am third generation in show biz, having done my first pro gig at 15. Both my parents were in show biz all their working lives and so were my grandparents… so you might say that none of us could do a proper job!

  • Tony Craig, by e-mail.

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