Reader’s letter: Help us repair Calverley Guides and Brownie hut


I run a Brownie unit in the village in West Leeds where I live – Calverley.

Unlike a lot of units, we have our own premises which belong to us and the other units in the village – Calverley Guide Association. This comes with many benefits but it also comes with a lot of costs with regards to maintenance and running costs.
Our hut is in desperate need of refurbishment – a wooden structure due to restrictions placed upon the association by the landowner, it has been in place for over 100 years.

We have managed to fundraise small amounts over the years to tackle damp, carpeting, roof repairs and repainting but it now needs more work than we as a small charity can fundraise for ourselves.
We are down to the finals of the Aviva community funding project which would allow us to repaint, re-roof and restore the building to not only benefit the seven units and hundreds of girls who currently use it for weekly Rainbow, Brownie and Guide activities; but the tens of thousands more who will hopefully enjoy it for the next hundred years.

The winning project will be based on the number of votes received so I would be incredibly grateful if you could perhaps feature this in the dispatch to spread the message and encourage fellow West Leeds-ers to vote for us.
Voting link is here with photos and details of the project. Closing date is 21 November.
Kind regards and many thanks,

Danni Clayton
First Calverley Brownies






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