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Reader’s letter: Does MP and councillor support Leeds United’s purchase of council-owned land?

Dear Editor,

The TV Harrison Sports Ground Committee welcomes the support of Rachel Reeves and her local colleague Councillor Mark Sewards for a swift purchase of the ground from the Leeds Schools’ Sports Association (LSSA) by the Leeds United Foundation (WLD, 6 November).

The proposed deal will safeguard the ground from being built on and will enable it to be developed for sports and community use. 

However, the Foundation also wishes to purchase the quarter of the site owned by the Leeds City Council and leased to the LSSA.

Rachel Reeves’ and Councillor Sewards’ statement does not, alas, comment on the city council’s intentions. Does their support indicate that their city council colleagues have formally abandoned any further application for planning permission? Without this it is impossible for the Leeds United Foundation to purchase the ground. 

Yours faithfully,
Michael Meadowcroft, Chair, TV Harrison Sports Ground Association


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