Reader’s letter: Armley charity’s history is unique, but it’s not the oldest in Leeds

charlie cake park armley
Charlie Cake Park, Armley. Photo: Mark Stevenson

Dear sir,

Your interesting article on the Armley Common Right Trust (15 June) stated that, being formed in 1799, it is “the oldest charity in Leeds.” Alas, it is far from being so!

Among others, Wade’s Charity which supports a number of open spaces and other Local causes, was formed in 1530 and Harrison’s Charity which owns the Almshouses in Woodhouse, was formed in 1639.

What is unique in Leeds about the Armley Common Right Trust is that no other township of Leeds has a private body that owns and manages its open spaces, as opposed to the City Council.

Also it is most unusual in that its trustees are elected by the public, ie the residents of Armley whose names are on the electoral register.

  • Michael Meadowcroft, Bramley


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