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Poll: Should Pudsey have a nightclub?

Should Pudsey have a nightclub?

According to a small group of local residents it should! An online petition has been started by Breanna Leighton argues that Pudsey ‘deserves’ a nightclub.

She says her petition is aimed at anyone who can open a nightclub and make it happen, and whoever ‘cares about the health and wellbeing of Pudsey’.

The town has been without a nightclub since Trinity club closed following a history of problems.

But Lauren Maw, of Farsley, signed the petition and said:

“We need a banging place in Pudsey.”

And Pudsey’s Tyler Norris added:

“I’m signing because Pudsey is deaaad.”

The petition, which has accumulated 35 signatures since being started earlier this week, can be signed here.

What do you think? Should Pudsey have a nightclub to boost its night-time scene? Or would it be a magnet for trouble?

Have your say in our just-for-fun poll below or post a comment:


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