Paul Abraham: Keep calm, it’s only a presentation!

Paul Abraham, speaking at Bramley Lawn.

By Paul Abraham of

Fiona was well known and respected due to her strong work ethics. She had been a successful junior athlete before deciding to forego a chance of Olympic glory to concentrate on her career in the financial industry.

Fiona rapidly climbed the ladder of business, yet despite her successes in life and career, Fiona used to have panic attacks and “froze” when having to give presentations, even though she knew all the details backwards.

A friend then advised her to see a coach who specialised in aromatherapy.  

Although sceptical, she had a meeting with James, who gave her an insight on how bottles of “smelly” could improve her presentation performances. James advised Fiona to try the plan for 24 hours, one week before her next presentation, in order to get used to the routine.

Feeling she had nothing to lose, Fiona threw herself in to the plan with her usual vigour.

On the Tuesday evening, she placed three drops of lavender on her pillow to induce a calm and relaxing sleep.

She awoke feeling restful and at peace with the world, having had breakfast she travelled to work and to ease her feelings of stress and travel sickness, she inhaled peppermint oil which she had placed on a tissue. On arrival, a room had been booked out for her to do a “run-through” of her presentation in private.

This was where the problems always began, but, before starting she had an inhalation of peppermint, to freshen her mind and settle her nerves, James had also advised Fiona to alleviate any mental tiredness during the presentation to continue to discreetly smell a Basil infused tissue, as this would stimulate her mind and senses.

Even though it was only her on her own, she didn’t have the fore-boarding worry of next week’s presentation.

The following week she followed the routine to the letter and produced a contract-winning presentation.  

As the presentation had gone so well, and after Fiona had arrived home, she took a long soak in a bath containing three drops of the aromatherapy oil Rose and replayed the successful presentation in her mind.

James advised her that the smell of Rose would always bring back positive thoughts and a “feel-good” feeling, so the next time she did a presentation she inhaled Rose at the start, which instantly gave her even more confidence to win more contracts, and a nice bonus in her salary as well!

**Always seek specialist advice, before using Aromatherapy oils.**


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