Campaign success as council plans crossing on Pudsey road

A new pedestrian crossing will be built on Kent Road. Photo: Google

Highways chiefs have agreed in principle to install a pedestrian crossing on a busy Pudsey Road, following a Crawshaw Academy student’s high-profile campaign.

Residents living in the Kent Road area have long-running concerns about road safety – and earlier this year Crawshaw sixth form student Chloe Freeman launched a petition to improve pedestrian safety on the 30mph road.

The petition, which drew 1,050 signatures, called for action to make the road safer, particularly for pupils who cross the road.

Leeds City Council has announced that, in principle, the crossing will be part of a £275,000 package of pedestrian safety measures across the city.

A council report detailing the measures said the road carried an average of 4,500 cars each weekday and added:

“The location sees large numbers of unaccompanied child pedestrians crossing per day and this, along with significant public interest in this site, justifies the introduction of a formal pedestrian crossing facility.

“While mean speeds on Kent Road are in line with the speed limit, local concerns exist regarding the overall speed of traffic and the proportion travelling higher than the posted speed limit.

“While it is not possible to consider the lowering of the speed limit, by placing the proposed zebra crossing on a speed hump it is intended to ensure that traffic travels at an appropriate speed through this crossing location.”

Pudsey councillors Dawn and Simon Seary and Trish Smith also supported the calls for a crossing.

Cllr Simon Seary (Cons) said the current proposals include a humped zebra crossing just south of the junction between Kent Road and Kent Crescent, and the widening of footpath on the western side of the crossing.

He added: “It is in early stages of scheme development and highways are seeking feedback from Metro, the police and emergency services. The information and views will be used to develop and refine the detailed proposals prior to opening up the proposals to wider consultation with residents and other stakeholders.”

In February there was a collision involving a 12-year-old boy and a Ford Kuga car, near to Kent Road’s junction with Kent Crescent. 

The report also said that plans for a humped zebra crossing on Richardshaw Lane have been postponed from this year’s budget following concerns by councillors over its positioning. Council officers have agreed to undertake a review of the potential to signalise the junction of Richardshaw Lane, Lidget Hill, Cemetery Road and Mount Pleasant Road.

As WLD reported last week, council chiefs have approved a crossing outside Summerfield Primary School on Intake Lane and close to Leeds West Academy.

They have also refused requests for a pedestrian crossing on Dixon Lane in Wortley, by Lynwood Avenue, adding: “The location does not currently justify the introduction of a formal pedestrian four crossing facility. Existing informal crossing features exist and the carriageway width does not permit the introduction of any further measures.”

The full council report and documentation can be read in full here.


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