Student launches crossing petition amid safety concerns over Pudsey road

Kent Road Pudsey crossing petition
Petition: Highways safety concerns have led to an online petition. Photo: Google

A Crawshaw Academy student has launched a petition for a pedestrian crossing on a busy Pudsey road.

Residents living in the Kent Road area have long raised concerns about road safety.

Now Crawshaw Academy sixth form student Chloe Freeman has launched a petition to improve pedestrian safety on the road, which already has a speed indicator device installed on a lamppost.

On the online petition, which already collected more than 340 signatures in the first 24 hours, Chloe said:

“As I have heard, people have tried to get a crossing at the bottom gates but it has never been able to happen. I think now is definitely the time a crossing needs to be put on Kent Road at the bottom gates to make it safe for students to cross the road.”

On Friday there was a collision involving a 12-year-old boy and a Ford Kuga car, near to the road’s junction with Kent Crescent. The boy was taken to hospital and police are investigating the incident.

A statement issued by Pudsey councillors Dawn and Simon Seary and Trish Smith said: “We were very concerned to hear of this. The police will conduct a full investigation into the incident and, once that is completed, the Highways Department will then investigate what can be done to improve road safety on Kent Road.

“We know road safety is of concern to local residents, and we will work with the local authority and the Police to do whatever we can to improve the situation.”

The councillors have previously raised concerns with the police and Highways about Kent Road, and in 2019 additional road markings were introduced to improve visibility in the area.

A spokesperson for Leeds City Council said:

“We’re very sorry to hear that a child was involved in a collision with a vehicle on Kent Road, Pudsey last Friday and would like to wish them a full and speedy recovery.

“As always in such circumstances, it is important to understand all the facts before making recommendations and colleagues are already in dialogue with the Police to better understand the causation factors behind this collision. Once all the facts are known, these will help determine the most appropriate course of action, which may include a formal crossing at this location.

“Due to the number of requests received each year, pedestrian crossing requests are reviewed throughout the year, ensuring that both local and Department for Transport criteria and guidance are adhered to.”


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