New pedestrian crossing outside Bramley school ‘will keep families safe’

intake lane
Crossing: Intake Lane. Photo: Google

By John Baron

A Bramley road crossed by more than 1,000 people a day is set to benefit from a new pedestrian crossing.

This location is situated outside Summerfield Primary School on Intake Lane and close to Leeds West Academy.

A council report approving the crossing says Intake Lane carried 6,000 vehicles per weekday and is already subject to a 20mph speed limit. The report adds:

“With over 1,000 pedestrians crossing the road each day, a large proportion of which are younger pedestrians, the provision of a formal pedestrian crossing facility will assist and ensure that pedestrian safety in this key location is prioritised. The provision of this facility on a speed plateau will contribute towards the effectiveness of the 20mph speed limit and provide a level crossing point for pedestrians.

“It is noted that a school crossing patrol operates very close to this location and a further assessment will be conducted at this location to determine the most suitable point for this scheme to be constructed.”

The new crossing has been welcomed by Bramley councillors Caroline Gruen, Jools Heselwood and Kevin Ritchie.

Cllr Ritchie had been approached by both local residents and the school, who shared concerns about the speed of vehicles travelling on Intake Lane. He then contacted the Council’s Highway’s Department with a request that the road be assessed for a Zebra Crossing. Cllr Ritchie added:

“We’re delighted that this site has been chosen for a new Zebra crossing which will benefit residents, Summerfield Primary school and Leeds West Academy. 

“Over 1,000 pedestrians cross this road each day, many of them families with young children and this new crossing will help to keep everyone safe.

“We will continue to identify other locations for pedestrian crossings in the ward and urge residents to get in touch if they have any particular concerns.”

Council chiefs, meanwhile, refused requests for a pedestrian crossing on Dixon Lane in Wortley, by Lynwood Avenue, adding: “The location does not currently justify the introduction of a formal pedestrian four crossing facility. Existing informal crossing features exist and the carriageway width does not permit the introduction of any further measures.”

The documents authorising expenditure, which includes a number of different sites around Leeds, can be found here.


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