Paul Abraham: How to embrace change as pandemic eases

Paul Abraham, speaking at Bramley Lawn.

By Paul Abraham of

In early March 2020, we all found ourselves in a unique situation. A pandemic gripped our nation, and fear and anxiety spread like wildfire. Lockdowns and quarantines ensued, disrupting the normality of our lives.  

But as COVID vaccination programs expand, there’s hope that things may soon return back to some resemblance of normal.

But things will never be the same again and embracing change is always hard, whether it’s forced upon us by a global pandemic or whether we choose something new. Fortunately, embracing change isn’t as hard as it may seem. All it takes is the right attitude and frame of mind as well as a bit of courage.

Coming to terms with the changes which are forced upon us don’t have to be terrifying as there are several strategies that may offer some advantages. These can help reduce any fears and anxieties and allow you to pursue activities that enable you to be your best. The following may be some things you can consider in your approach to a different life.

Define Your Fears

By definition, anxiety represents fear of what’s to come. Often, we anticipate the worst so we had better prepare ourselves. But sometimes, we over-exaggerate future possibilities, which make it more difficult when embracing change. Therefore, one important strategy to help us adapt to a post-pandemic life is to define these fears. Once we identify them and label them, they often become much easier with which to deal.

Reprioritise Your Life

As noted, a post-pandemic world is going to be different, and so are you. So, it’s important to step back and think about the type of new life you want. This requires reflecting on what you truly desire out of your life and making plans to achieve it.

Setting Goals

New situations of course mean new goals. In your pursuit of an improved life, identifying which goals can help us fulfill our true potential is important. Not only can such goals help us when embracing change, but they provide a target upon which to focus our energies. Establishing new goals will be something many of us will need to do.

Invest in Positivity

Over the course of the last twenty plus months, it may have become all too easy to dwell on the negative. Unfortunately, negative energies create obstacles in our pursuits for an improved life. Rather than embracing change, such thoughts and feelings can cause us to fear or dread anything outside our routine. But by investing in positive thinking and emotions, we can energise ourselves to overcome these fears and worries.

Seek Inspiration and Support

Finally, embracing change is often easier when we have good support systems and a source of inspiration. Friends and family are often great resources to help us better manage our anxieties and concerns. Likewise, looking to others who have adapted to change during the pandemic can be a source of strength. Check out local community groups or social media forums for support.


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