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Mark’s History: Meet the Bramley man who built this popular Rodley shop

Haley Appleyard was born in Bramley somewhere along Town Street back in 1851, writes Mark Stevenson.

His father was John Appleyard, a stonemason (builder), and his mother was Esther Appleyard nee Haley – so no guessing  how they arrived at his name.

By the time Haley was 10 years old he was living on Goodison’s Row (roughly where Aslea Gate is now).

haley appleyard

By 1881 Haley, now 30 years old, was still living at home unmarried at Bellevedere Grove (roughly where Bellmount Close is).   

His father, who employed four men and four boys in 1871, had died some years since and Haley took over the family’s building business, employing two men.

Around the time that Haley won the contract to build the shop, houses and barn on Nunthorpe Road in Rodley (see my previous article on Tastebuds Sandwich shop from earlier this week) he was living at Ash Lea Grove (now Ashlea Green).

rodley tastebuds history
The former Tastebuds shop in Rodley. Photo courtesy Philip Hardaker.

He lived there with his wife Hester Ann and his son and daughter Mary Appleyard who was a Certificated School Teacher.

My thanks to Philip Hardaker for all his help with this supplying the info and pics.

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