Letter: Why your local post office is a ‘small ray of hope’ in bank closures debacle

Swinnow Lane Post Office
Praise: Swinnow Lane Post Office

Consumer organisation Which? is aiming to highlight the impact of lost access to cash in communities, raise awareness about the issue and encourage the government to take action.

They’re asking readers to e-mail local press about their concerns over their lack of access to cash following the closures of local banks. Here’s the second set of letters WLD has received so far – the first can be read here.

Dear Sir:

As a charity group treasurer, I too am very frustrated with the banking situation, not just in Armley, but also in Pudsey. In fact, it’s the whole ‘bank closures’ debacle.  

However, there is a small ray of hope. There is a little known agreement with the Post Office.

You can do everyday banking there. Although it’s a short-term fix it is worth knowing. 

Can I also use this email to send my big thanks to Swinnow Lane Post Office? Everyone is so helpful. Thank you!

  • Dianne Craven, Swinnow, by e-mail
Pudsey natwest
Closure plans: NatWest Bank in Pudsey town centre.

Dear Sir:

I’d like to add my concerns over the ongoing closures of banks across West Leeds. The latest to go is the NatWest in Pudsey, as WLD reported last December. There have been others in recent years, too.

Sadly those who are hardest hit are the more vulnerable in society, like the elderly, who struggle to access online banking. I know a number of pensioners who have been bewildered by branch closures and asking for advice on what they should do.

It also makes it more difficult for local small businesses to deposit their takings.

The banks simply don’t realise the devastating impact of their decisions on the community and the high street.

  • Janet Fielding, by e-mail

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