Penny pinching ideas from the Auld git: Tips to tackle rising energy prices

energy saving
Graphic: Mindy Goose

In the overdue return of our ‘Penny Pinching’ column from a community reporter in Armley, this week the ‘Auld Git’ offers simple tips how to tackle the rise in energy costs…

A fictional character, Mr Micawber, once gave David Copperfield some sage advice: “Annual income £20, annual expenditure £19-19 shillings & 6d (sixpence).

“Result: happiness

“Annual income £20, annual expenditure £20-&6d.

“Result: misery.” 

Mr Micawber spent most of his fictional life in debtors’ prison.

Today’s household expenditure is leaving most of us in misery. ‘Im indoors is wandering round in total misery mumbling things like “no more tumble drying” and “Blackpool illuminations”.

We are all worried about the hike in energy costs. So I’ve a few tips that could help.

Turn your thermostat down a couple of degrees and put thick socks and a big fluffy dressing gown on when you’re in the house. If you’re sat watching television snuggle under a cozy blanket.

Generally we think about turning the heating off as we go to bed. I have to confess I’m guilty of this, however if the heating is turned off an hour before bed time you will still be warm until you climb into bed.

If you and your little cherubs are always rushing in a morning for school and work do you really need to put the heating on ?

This can save quite a lot on your heating bill.

‘Im indoors is getting used to wearing socks and a sweater, no more turning the heating up.

Another idea is using a ‘sausage’ across the bottom of the doors. Don’t be like ‘im indoors – pork sausage are not suitable for this, the dog eats them.

Take an old pillow, roll it up lengthways and secure it. Job done. Now place it against the bottom of the door it will keep draughts out and heat in. If you want to be posh you could make a cover for it but it’s not necessary.

Use your tumble dryer less and dry your washing on radiator racks or use a kitchen maid. This is a rack that can be raised to the ceiling with washing on it to dry. Putting this on your landing is useful as warm air rises and your unmentionables are out of sight of your visitors.

Next time I’ll cover commando showers, closing curtains and slow cooking 

Until then, be like the ‘auld git’ and ‘im indoors: cheap and cheerful!


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