‘Why would I live anywhere else than Farsley?’

Farsley town street
Farsley Town Street. Photo: Google Maps/Street View

Iola Shaw interviews fellow community reporter Martin Heaton and why he loves living in Farsley so much…

Farsley is a thriving village in the city, according to Martin Heaton – and he seems pretty settled since moving there 42 years ago.

Since retiring he has stayed busy locally and is now editor of the newsletter for the Farsley branch of the Pudsey Friendship Group.

This is a network of nearly 80 people over 55 who catch up regularly for walks, meals out and social events as well as a monthly meeting in the church hall. Most are local but some travel from Bingley and beyond to make the most of what Farsley has to offer.

Farsley has a traditional butcher, grocer and greengrocer, great pubs, restaurants and local open space as well as essential services.

Should you want a change of scene there are swift and regular buses to Leeds centre and Bradford.

No wonder this Holbeck lad moved west and will proudly say “why would I live anywhere else?”


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