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Why Bramley and West Leeds are becoming a ‘fair’ place for events

By Paul Abraham of

A number of years ago I used to attend “art and collectables” fairs at Pudsey Civic Hall on a regular basis. 

At the time I’d be looking to collect Bramley or sporting items, since then and due to the pandemic the only collection I’ve added to is my collection of grey hairs!

Last year I re-ignited my passion for photography and, armed with my new camera and lenses, started to record wildlife, nature, countryside and then progressed to festivals, such as the one at Armley Moor.  

Following advice I decided to try and sell some of my images and that’s where a whole new world opened for me as I started looking for arts and craft fairs.  Much to my delight I found some local fairs to attend and found a thriving “market/fair” community right here in West Leeds.

So far this year I have been a stallholder at the Moorside Community Centre and last Saturday at the Bramley Community Centre, with stalls booked for St Peter’s Church in Bramley on Saturday 20 November, a return to the mini-market at the Bramley Community Centre on December 11 and Pudsey Masonic Hall on 12 December.  

The Venerable Bede also hosted a fair last Saturday to add to the ever-expanding choice of venues.

Each of the “markets/fairs” I’ve attended have been community-led and has a wonderful community togetherness feel for both buyers and sellers alike. There are so many quality and interesting stalls to chose from and it would be unfair to single any particular ones for mention but there really is something for everyone.

A special and big thanks to both Fiona Green, who organises fairs to raise money for the “Tiny Tickers” Charity, and Wendi Haithwaite who is the driving force behind the monthly market at the Bramley Community Centre.

Please support these local events organised by local people for the whole community!

Fundraising event for the “Tiny Tickers” Charity

Saturday 20 November

St Peters Church,

Hough Lane,



Open 12pm to 4pm.

Bramley Mini-Market

Saturday 11 December

Bramley Community Centre

Waterloo Lane,



Open 9.30pm to 1pm

TLC Christmas Fair

Sunday 12 December

Pudsey Masonic Hall


Open 11am to 3pm


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