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West Leeds: Public transport survey results

More trains at Kirkstall Forge Station, more carriages at Bramley and a more reliable bus service – those are the things on a public transport wish list compiled by West Leeds residents.

Leeds West MP Rachel Reeves has revealed the full results of the public transport survey launched back in February asking bus and train users about what they want to see improved on public transport in the area.

The survey, which drew more than 500 responses, has helped inform the 20 questions Ms Reeves put to Leeds transport chiefs earlier this month.

Headline points to take away from responses include:

– 91% of respondents say the frequency of trains at Kirkstall Forge is a major problem.

– 88% highlight the number and quality of carriages at Burley park Station as a major issue.

– 79% say the number of carriages on trains at Bramley Station needs increasing

– 72% say reliability of buses is a massive problem.

The results – which can be read in full here – are summarised below into two infographics below, one on train travel and the other on buses.

Transport in Leeds has been at the centre of a large debate over the past 18 months or so, with The Dispatch featuring concerns about traffic congestion along Tong Road, Kirkstall, Kirkstall Road and Stanningley Road and a consultation by the council following the failure of Leeds’ doomed trolleybus and supertram projects. We’ve also put the spotlight on the number of trains stopping at Kirkstall Forge.

Do you agree with the findings? Have your say in the comments section below.


  1. I sick to the back teeth of all the surveys money draining consul tations do the so called consultants actually live in leeds. First will have this city to ransome forever because the so called elected council and mps have no balls what so ever.this city need a mass transport system asap.also the buses need de regulatingso we can tell first what they need to do for a change.nottingham half size of leeds puts us to shame when it comes ro transport.the council have got the nerve to bid for culture city what a jokesame as the transport system.


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