West Leeds transport issues on agenda at Kirkstall meeting


Transport in Leeds will be on the agenda at a meeting in Kirkstall next week.

The next Inner West Community Committee meeting will feed into a public consulation about the future of transport in the city.

The council’s Highways Head of Transport, Andrew Hall, will be giving a presentation and there will be a Q&A session.

The council-run committee covers the Armley, Bramley, Kirkstall, Rodley and Stanningley areas.

The meeting is on Wednesday 12th October, 6pm at Milford Sports Club on Beecroft Street in Kirkstall.

Recent issues with roadworks and traffic congestion in the Kirkstall area had left some commuters facing a two-hour commute home.


  1. It might help if an effort was made to synchronise the many sets of traffic lights in the area. Surely in this age of computerisation this should be easy.


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