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The day Kirkstall ‘turned into one big car park’

Major gas works on Leeds and Bradford Road caused traffic misery for communters travelling through Kirkstall yesterday evening.

The tailbacks, a result of gas works in the Leeds and Bradford Road area, led to traffic being at a standstill for long periods through Kirkstall, along Kirkstall Road and into the city centre.

One motorist said it took his bus 40 minutes just to get down Wellington Street. A half-hour journey to his home off Kirkstall Road took two hours.

The roadworks were due to finish in the early hours of this morning but have over-run and were still ongoing duting this morning’s rush hour.

The roadworks had also caused severe traffic congestion on Saturday, with some shoppers taking 40 minutes to leave Morrisons car park. Supermarket staff gave out free chocolates to frustrated motorists.

There are also delays on Kirkstall Road due to an eight-month project to lay new sewer pipes.

The reaction on social media last night was one of frustration.


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