Surveys launched on West Leeds public transport


Leeds West MP Rachel Reeves has launched two surveys asking bus and train users about what they want to see improved on public transport in the area.

Information gathered from the surveys will be used to lobby for transport improvements in West Leeds.

Transport in Leeds has been at the centre of a large debate over the past 12 months or so, with The Dispatch featuring concerns about traffic congestion along Tong Road, Kirkstall, Kirkstall Road and Stanningley Road and a consultation by the council following the failure of Leeds’ doomed trolleybus and supertram projects.

A new transport vision for the city is due to be delivered to Government ministers ‘imminently’.

Ms Reeves said there are four well-used train stations in the Leeds West constituency – Burley Park, Headingley, Bramley and Kirkstall Forge – that all serve Leeds station and other destinations in Yorkshire and the north.

Kirkstall-Forge-station sign

She added that Leeds West has some of the highest recorded bus usage in Yorkshire and are an integral part on how local people get around:

“After writing to the Council and West Yorkshire Combined Authority to raise points that have previously been a matter of concern in the area, I feel that more local people should get a direct voice on what could be improved in the near future while a bigger plan is put together.

“I hope this will compliment what Leeds City Council and West Yorkshire Combined Authority are already doing and ensure that investment that goes into Leeds West over the next few months and years will be help as many people as possible.

“When the survey ends on Friday March 17th, I will look at the returns closely so we can then make a decision as a local community on what the priorities should be in Leeds West for improving public transport.”

Ms Reeves is urging people living in the Leeds West constituency – which includes Armley, Bramley, Farnley, Kirkstall, Wortley and Rodley -to complete both the train and bus surveys:

Leeds West Train Survey.

Leeds West Bus Survey.

The Dispatch will follow the results of both with interest.


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