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West Leeds: Can you help holistic therapy group find new home?

A group of West Leeds residents have set up a ‘pay as you feel’ holistic therapy group to help local people in need. They’re searching for new premises to run the group – community reporter Ramona Green finds out how you can help …

Wortley man Lee Stead, a qualified Reiki therapist, has recently gone on to gain a further qualification in Reflexology. After meeting up with a few friends who are mostly all trained and qualified in a number of different holistic treatments, Lee decided to look into starting a free holistic therapy session group. 

Emma Whiteley, the co-founder of the group, is trained in Reiki.

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Donna Tate, as well as Reiki and Reflexology, is also trained in Indian Head Massage, Angelic Reiki, Aromatherapy Massage, Crystal Healing and Hopi Ear Candling. 

Rachael Greenisn’t currently trained in any holistic treatments but takes care of the admin and secretarial roles.  She will be looking into taking up Foot Massage and Seated Back Massage as soon as funding has been sought. 

Between them all, they decided on the name, “R&R”.  Rachael said:

“The R’s denote both rest and relaxation and Reiki and reflexology.

“The main aim of the group is to provide traditional, holistic therapies that generally don’t come cheap to people who cannot usually afford them – all for free.

“Well, there will be a “pay as you feel/can” box for anyone who perhaps can afford to make a small “donation”, but there would be absolutely no pressure whatsoever. “

 Lee, Emma and Rachael have visited a couple of potential sites to hold the sessions but so far they have not been suitable. 

It has to have at least two rooms for giving the treatments in and somewhere for clients who may be waiting to be able to sit down and relax. 

Rachael added:

“It is not a necessity as such, but it would be ideal if there were facilities available to make hot drinks. It also ideally needs to be as close to the city centre as possible but we will consider all possibilities.”

If you or anyone you know has somewhere that may be suitable at either low cost or even free, please contact Rachael on 07443001272.

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  1. I wish you luck with finding somewhere new to set up your practice. With the high streets having empty units one would think that one of the landlords/local authority would be giving you a helping hand to revive footfall in the area. Or perhaps a shop proprietor would be willing to rent out a couple of backrooms or rooms above the shop floor to you. That would be a win/win situation for both parties concerned.


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