Teenagers’ joy at Bramley Villagers’ boxing show


By James Bovington

Two teenage fighters from Bramley Villagers Boxing Club are celebrating wins at last Saturday’s club show, which was styled as ‘A Day to Remember.’

Kalem Pickles beat Tom Spenser in a re-match to get his fifth victory and Jack Toye beat the experienced Hayden Sherriff in bouts that Villagers head coach and event organiser DeeJay Titch described as “showcasing skill, talent, strength and courage in thrilling, entertaining fights that made it clear just what excellent boxers these two very tough Bramley lads are becoming and what exciting potential they and many others have”.

“I’m delighted with my performance,” said Pickles, 18. “I had a game plan I stuck to and learnt from my previous bout with Spenser.

“I won what turned out to be a brutal battle on points but am proud to have shown how well I can box as he struggled unsuccessfully to deflect powerful repeated punches aimed at both his body and head. I know my supporters enjoy seeing me dish it out and I happily obliged by teaching Spenser a lesson he won’t forget in a hurry.”

For 19-year-old Jack Toye Saturday’s bout was his fourth this year, including a prizefighter show last May. Toye, who recently became a father to Jack Junior, was equally pleased. He saidL “The fight went well against an opponent known for being tough, durable and very experienced. I was determined to keep my composure and concentrate on boxing skills and not get into a war. The strategy worked.”

Both Toye and Pickles are confident and ambitious. “We want to fight for titles within our promotion next year and secure longer, more challenging bouts to show just how far we can go and how good we can be. Both Kalem and I are young but are already hard punchers. Watch out for us as we’re planning on getting our names known.”

Pickles was equally positive. He added: “I’m keen to pursue a career as a professional boxer, but the fact is that it is a great sport for people of all ages and backgrounds. Boxing is the best activity possible and I’m proud that it’s central to my life and I can hopefully inspire others. But opponents should be aware I’m not scared of anyone. I’ll relish knocking them out.”

Those wanting to find out more about Bramley Villagers should e-mail info@bramleyvillagers.co.uk or message DeeJay Titch directly on Facebook.


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