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Stepping into Armley’s History: When ‘Ermelai’ was ruled by a Norman lord

By Susan Johnson

Anyone treading the pavements of Armley Town Street will find them not paved with gold but containing paving stones that pay homage to some of Armley’s more famous people and institutions.

Most of the paving stones were laid some years ago and each features a potted biography of the featured subject.

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For example the earliest date – 1086 – tells us that Armley was called Ermelai.

It was ruled by Norman Lord Ilbert de Lacy from his seat at Pontefract Castle. It was around six acres in size, an estimated population of four households and an annual value paid to the lord of ten shillings. How times have changed?

We’ll be featuring more on Armley’s heritage paving stones in an ongoing series.


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