Review: Why the best butterfly bun is in Stanningley!

The Sandwich Bar in Stanningley has been a feature on Bradford Road for well over a decade. Photo: Damon Cooper

By Damon Cooper, community reporter

It’s an elusive rarity pined for by regulars and only baked at the whim of its overstretched creator if she finds a spare moment whilst balancing a hectic work/life balance. 

We’re in a foodie golden era for Leeds with its homegrown social media stars from Rate My Takeaways Danny Malin to Adam Moran, better known as BeardMeatsFood, producing viral content and bringing new customers to eating places all the time. Our city is still full of hidden and obscure places to give your tastebuds something different to enjoy. 

The Sandwich Bar in Stanningley has been a feature on Bradford Road for well over a decade and has stood strong despite tough changes in the area, from losing regulars when the nearby Green Flag relocated its hundreds of staff to new competition.

Customers rave about how quick the service is despite long queues at peak hours and some would even claim this is one of the best sandwich shops in Leeds with its salad boxes, breakfasts and more. 

However, the pinnacle, the glory and holy grail of treats in this place is a homemade butterfly bun that might as well be given away for the price you pay.

From the buttercream that sends you quivering with delight, not a speck of ingredient is wasted as the wings are placed on top of the cream that rests in a creator of a bun-sized cake. This childhood treat enjoyed by adults with no shame is well worth the pilgrimage to try at least once in your life. 

Sweet bites to eat have become big business these days with franchises such as Dunkin’ Donuts, Heavenly Desserts and Kaspas dotted along our high streets or readily available via takeaway. A box of 12 cupcakes can set you back £18 and you get what you pay for but our independent sandwich shops deserve equal acclaim amongst their glossier peers.   

If you land on a day when a butterfly bun isn’t available, there’s plenty of other food to enjoy plus you’ll get the warmest welcome from Fil, Michelle and the team. 

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