Residents’ joy at Bramley station parking moves


Parking restrictions look set to be brought in under a Bramley railway bridge following concerns by local residents.

They claim greater usage of Bramley Station has led to day-time parking on a narrow stretch of the well-used Swinnow Road. They say this has increased the likelihood of accidents in the area.

But Leeds City Council has said plans to restrict parking on this small stretch of road are now being progressed.

One resident told the Dispatch:

“It’s great news for people who live and drive around here. More and more people are using Bramley Station instead of taking their cars into Leeds or Bradford city centre, which is good but there’s not a lot of parking spaces for them so they were parking on the roadside. Swinnow Road is a busy and narrow road at the best of times and the extra parking wasn’t helping people to drive under the bridge.

“You could tell there was going to be an accident if something wasn’t done.”

Councillor Mick Coulson (Labour, Pudsey) said:

“Having looked at it in detail, we agree that this isn’t the best place to park – it could cause more traffic and makes it harder for people to drive under the bridge.

“There is nearby parking at the station for people catching trains and other, safer, local roadside parking for residents. So the proposed parking restrictions in this case make complete sense. Having pushed for this change I am delighted it now looks like it will be brought in.”

The Dispatch recently featured people’s concerns over new roundabouts nearby on Swinnow Road and a local councillor’s calls for drivers to ‘use their common sense’ when using them.


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