Swinnow Road roundabouts: Improvement or just confusing?

Swinnow roundabouts
Controversial: Roundabouts at the bottom of Swinnow Road – an improvement of confusing?

A double roundabout aimed at improving traffic flow at a congested west Leeds junction has been branded ‘confusing’ and ‘illogical’ by baffled motorists.

Last month Leeds City Council installed two mini roundabouts and resurfaced the road at the junction of Swinnow Road and the Stanningley Bypass, alongside a traffic island.

The council hoped the £95,000 scheme would make it easier for pedestrians to cross the junction and access Bramley Station and the nearby Swinnow Morrisons.

But the improvements have proven to be controversial for some.

Pudsey driver Jason Whiteley said:

“Can someone explain the logic of the new double roundabout at the bottom of Swinnow Road near Morrisons? You can’t go round them for a start and whichever direction you go you can only ever have two options.

“I queued there yesterday, on a Saturday morning, as cars were coming off the slip road and going the wrong way round them to get to Morrisons. Delays and accidents are surely to follow!”

And Farnley driver Irene Sheehan told West Leeds Life:

“I find them really confusing. I’m not sure what you’re supposed to do and it’s so tight you’re bound to go over the roundabout.”

A report considered by councillors two years ago said Swinnow Road has a ‘consistent accident pattern’ and has been on the council’s ‘Lengths for Concern’ document since 2004.

Read the report in full:

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UPDATED June 2, 9.25am: Pudsey councillor Richard Lewis has defended the scheme. Check out his response here.


  1. I shop at Morrisons on a regular basis and when trying to turn right onto the slip road onto Stanningley Bypass on numerous occasions vehicles have pulled out in front of me coming in the opposite direction from Swinnow Road . Can someone tell me who has the right of way here as I was under the assumption that on a roundabout you have to give way to vehicles on the right


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