Readers’ Letters: Mixed views on Leeds United mural plans for Pudsey

pudsey market place mural plan
The site of the mural in Pudsey. Photo: Google

Plans for a new mural in honour of Leeds United legends Jack Charlton, Norman Hunter and Trevor Cherry overlooking Pudsey Market Place have sparked a passionate debate on social media. As reported by WLD, a planning application has been submitted by Farsley artist Nicholas Dixon for a mural on the back wall of the former Junction public house. Here are some of the letters WLD has received on the topic…

The Bielsa The Redeemer mural off Oldfield Lane in Wortley.

Dear Sir,  

I read with interest the article re: proposed mural in Pudsey market area. I am agreement if done well it would brighten up a dull area, especially on that specific wall. 

I do feel, however, I more specific Pudsey theme should be adopted. I am inclined to agree Len Hutton, Pudsey Bear and even the mythical Treacle mines would be appropriate.

As a newcomer to Pudsey, I appreciate my views do not have the same standing as longer standing residents should have but having been a “ruddy Southern” for 65 years I feel Pudsey has a lot to be proud of.

Your friendliness and quality of your beer alone are worthy of praise!

Regards, Nick Noy 

Mural’s a good thing

Dear Sir,

I love the idea of a Leeds United mural in Pudsey Market Place. Well done to the artist and local businesses and market traders for championing this! It’s got to be better than a plain wall and will hopefully draw people in and support our local market traders.

Yours, Stuart Newton


  1. ‘Mythical’ treacle mines? No, they’re real! As a newcomer you might fall into one if you don’t watch where you’re going.


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