Pudsey: Leeds United mural plans spark debate

pudsey market place mural plan
The site of the mural in Pudsey. Photo: Google

Plans for a new mural in honour of Leeds United legends Jack Charlton, Norman Hunter and Trevor Cherry overlooking Pudsey Market Place have sparked a passionate debate on social media.

As reported by WLD on Friday, a planning application has been submitted for a mural on the back wall of the former Junction public house. It would be based on three images of Jack Charlton lifting the FA Cup, with Norman Hunter to his left and Trevor Cherry on the right.

But the proposals – from Farsley artist Nicholas Dixon – have sparked a debate, with hundreds of comments posted on social media platforms.

A poll started yesterday on Pudsey Born and Bred Facebook page has more than 1,200 votes – with 611 people in favour of the Leeds United mural, 559 saying they’d like a mural but not football and just 52 voting for no mural at all.

Paul Parker was in favour of the football mural. He said:

“I think it’s a great idea! Good for the artist in question getting off his backside and doing something which will bring new people to the struggling market and brighten up what is currently a large dull wall. And good to see local businesses and market traders getting behind it. We need more ideas like this in Pudsey!”

Sue Rossiter had different ideas. She said:

“If it is the same as the one in Wortley that would put me off visiting Pudsey Market Place, let the people choose something decent.”

Donna Burrows said:

“Why not have the football mural – and then one that’s Pudsey specific for the wall on the other side of the market. As I see it, no one else has bothered to do something to brighten the place up. Those that object to the football theme can set about organising a different mural.”

Claire Tyson was similarly against football theme. She added:

“Why does it have to be football? Not my cup of tea. Would be nice to have something colourful though.”

Other suggestions included something more Pudsey-related such as Pudsey Bear, the town’s famous cricketers like Len Hutton – or even humorous ideas such as Pudsey’s fictional treacle mines.

Artist Nicholas Dixon recently completed the popular Bielsa the Redeemer mural dedicated to Leeds United boss Marcelo Bielsa in Wortley. All three players on the proposed Pudsey mural passed away this year.

In a design statement accompanying the application, Mr Dixon says he has the support of local businesses and stallholders, and said the proposals would lift the area and give Pudsey Market a much-needed boost.

The proposal is backed by the Leeds United Trust, which is providing part of the funding along with local businesses.


  1. This is a wonderful idea, Pudsey has a massive Leeds fan base,it would brighten up the dreary market place and there is also room for another mural possibly reflecting local history.

  2. Pudsey is closer to valley parade than it is Eland road. Yeah, I know Bradford are dog turd before anyone says.

    Yes to mural no to Leeds. NALAW.

  3. I’m not a Leeds United fan but I’d love to see this happen. As the guy in the article says, a local artist – supported by local businesses who are in dire need at the moment – has got off his backside and tried to make something happen. Good on him. Would people really just rather see a dull blank wall?
    For all those wanting something else, get off your keyboard and actually try make something happen.

  4. Looking at the picture of the Wortley mural I am not so keen. I would like a mural of a market scene with stall holders and people browsing various goods, perhaps medieval? Then if/when the market moves away it commemorates the spot where it is now and in the future.

  5. What about using it to thank everyone who’s worked in the care homes and looked after the old people in their homes
    For a change CAREWORKERS who’s lived in the CAREHOMEs so they didn’t spread the virus ..that to me is better than any football team the CAREWORKERS dont get the thanks for what they do THEY JUST DO HAS MUCH HAS THE N.H.S BUT REALLY DONT GET MENTIONED


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