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Reader’s letter: ‘Time to permanently block off’ St Ann’s Lane

Following on from WLD‘s article about ‘the narrow road’ and how this should progress, I live on St Ann’s Lane and twice have been knocked by wing mirrors as cars try to drive down there.

It’s a beautiful ancient lane and was never designed for the heavy traffic that uses it now.  I don’t think that making it one way would solve the problem. 

It should be blocked off permanently and only used by residents who live there, cycles and pedestrians. 

I actually think that Leeds City Council need to close all ‘rat runs’ in residential areas, considering the urgency for us all to reduce emissions. 

Obviously this will upset drivers who drive in to the centre of Leeds, but hopefully will encourage them to find healthy options: public transport, walking  or cycling.   

Buses need to be very cheap, more ‘park and ride’ provision, and fewer car parks in the centre of Leeds.

I would also say that the tiny bridge over the railway by the rugby ground is really dangerous and should also be permanently closed to through traffic.

  • Judith Cain


  1. How can anyone say making the road one
    Way will not help of course it will it will half
    The volume of vehicle’s using it and stop
    People like myself having there wing mirrors
    Knocked off by drivers who cannot judge the
    Width of there car’s.


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