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Reader’s Letter: Please support appeal to replace Pudsey pensioner’s stolen scooter

My neighbour, Alma, is an elderly and disabled lady who lives just across the road. On the night of Wednesday 30 September her mobility scooter was stolen from her garden.

The scooter was too large to be kept in the house and so sat, I would say, fairly hidden from view whilst charging. We believe a van took the scooter away.

The really sad thing about this case is that Alma had been misinformed about insurance and did not believe she could get insurance for a road scooter, only pavement scooters could be insured.

So she isn’t insured and now faced with having to replace the stolen one out of her own pocket.

The police have been informed and a crime number given, but Alma is not holding out for any successes there. It’s one thing to break in and steal a TV or phone, but when it is an item that a person depends on for their own independency, wellbeing and mobility, I find the crime despicable.

I have set up a ‘Go Fund Me’ campaign for Alma and have so far raised £215 – this is brilliant, many people have been so kind.

But this is only a small percentage of what these scooters actually cost and what Alma will have to pay – it doesn’t sit well with me when she told me just now ‘I’ll have to put it on my credit card’.

The goal is to raise £1,500 which still falls short of the model I have just seen – a collapsible compact version which can be folded down and stored and charged inside Alma’s house.

BUT, if I could achieve that goal, it would really help my neighbour and take away the burden of monthly extortionate payments to a credit card agency. Can you help?

The Go Fund Me Page can be found here.

  • Jo Mumby, Grove Avenue, Pudsey


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