Reader’s Letter: One rule for Adel, another for Bramley?

bramley grass cutting

Dear sir, I lived in Bramley for most of the 70-odd years of my life before moving away a month or so ago to live with my family in Pudsey due to ill health. Sadly, the last few years has seen a real decline. And it breaks my heart to say this.

Bramley is becoming increasingly shabby.

I visited a friend this week and the grass near Elder Lawn has been cut, however weeds have been purposefully missed. Mowed grass hasn’t been picked up. The edge of the field/pavement is covered in grass.

Why should we put up with substandard work compared to parks and fields in more affluent areas which are maintained much better and look immaculate?

I bet they wouldn’t put up with it in Adel and Alwoodley? Why should we have to put up with it here in West Leeds

  • Mrs Smith, Pudsey

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  1. Unfortunately this has happened to other parts of West and South Leeds as well but Bramley has appeared to take the brunt of Leeds City Council’s so called ‘modernisation’ programme. They started ripping the heart out of the old Bramley Village about 60 years ago when they tore down most of the buildings on Upper Town Street to make way for new houses and Bramley Shopping Centre followed a few years later by the iconic old buildings on Lower Town Street which has completely obliterated both the look and history of the Village. It has left Bramley with hardly a handful of old, historical buildings.


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