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Reader’s Letter: My memories of the red brick houses next to Bramley Park

Pottering on my iPad over here in Lancashire, I came across your piece about Rosecliffe Mount (Mark’s History: The red brick houses next to Bramley Park, 27 June 2021).

I was brought up at number 11 with my three siblings. One of the three through-terraces at the top of the street where my parents remained until they moved to sheltered accommodation off Town Street.

All I can remember about the new houses is that a Mrs Procter lived in the end one, nearest the park, and another family on that side of the road were the Goldstraws.

Talking point: Rosecliffe Mount in Bramley.
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In number 13 were the Millingtons, who also had a small shop on a corner on the approach to Granhamthorpe.

They were followed at number 11 by the Brace family. Number 9 was the Murphys, number 7 were the Claytons, also for some reason known as Stead.

He was a seed and potato merchant with premises off Town Street. He also owned part of the piece of land at the end of the street where he had poultry sheds.

Number 5 was at one time the Rabitt family, number three the Overends and number 1 the Misses Bradley.

Kind regards, David Wood


  1. Very interesting David! Looking at the 1939 register again, the entry I found for the Goldshaw’s at No.10 could well be ‘Goldstraw’. This info gave me some leads so I did some more research and I think I found more about the family


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