Reader’s letter: Why Farsley Town Street should be pedestrianised


Mobile speed cameras were floated as an answer to problems with speeding traffic down Farsley Town Street earlier this week. Reader Mrs F Jones has written suggesting pedestrianisation could be the answer…

“I see problems with idiot drivers going too fast down Farsley Town Street are at last gaining a bit of publicity and our elected members finally seem moved to do something about it (West Leeds Dispatch, Bid to tackle speeding on Farsley Town Street, 9 October 2017).

“While I see sense in having mobile speed cameras to catch the perpetrators, I fear the problem will re-occur once they’re taken away.

“A permanent, long-term measure would be to do something a bit more radical and visionary – to pedestrianise Farsley Town Street.

“There is no reason I can think of why you couldn’t block the street to through traffic and just allow maybe public transport and cycling access. This could be achieved relatively cheaply with well-placed bus gates.

“Not only would you make the area a much nicer one to do your shopping or have a night out, it would also be much safer. If it works for Leeds City Centre why not Farsley?

“It’s worth noting a full pedestrianisation worked wonders for Morley town centre without too much traffic displacement elsewhere.

“Sadly, I suspect our City Fathers lack true vision (and the guts) to do what’s really necessary.”

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  1. As a less mobile person I need to drive into Farsley and park easily to visit the restaurants and art gallery. Closing the road may damage the businesses leading to closure.

  2. Just how would the people who live in the flats in water lane and Andrews square ect get to their homes with shopping and visitors ect I really don’t think you have thought about us have you .they’re are many disabled people!e who live in the tower block with nurses and caters coming at all hours of the day and night not being g able to park outside our homes would be a disasterious to all of us ,and the only way to get here is to drive down Farsley town st.

  3. The person advocating pedestrianisation of town street is obviously able bodidied and not thinking of people less fortunate then themselves.

  4. Whilst it’s a nice idea in theory, it’s absolutely impractical due to Town Street being the main access point to many surrounding residential streets. You would simply force private cars to rat run down adjoining streets to reach their residences.

  5. The person suggesting pedestrianising Farsley does not know what they are talking about Morley town street is quite short and runs between two through roads. Also the last time I was there it was dead.
    Fixed speed cameras might work.


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