Bid to tackle speeding on Farsley Town Street


Mobile speed cameras could be the answer to problems with speeding traffic down Farsley Town Street.

The road has been subjected to a number of problems with people driving too fast through the heart of the village, and there have been several accidents and near misses.

Farsley and Calverley councillor Andrew Carter (Cons) is now calling for mobile speed cameras to try catch come of the perpetrators and act as a deterrent. he said:

“I have requested that the Police deploy mobile speed cameras to try and deter the dangerous driving. Numerous residents, as well as businesses, have expressed concerns

“All three ward councillors have witnessed speeding and we need to try and get this sorted out.”

A Town Street shopkeeper, who asked not to be named, told The Dispatch:

“It’s getting like the Monaco Grand Prix down here – people are driving far too fast in an area that’s used by shoppers during the day and people going to pubs and restaurants on an evening. Something needs to be done before someone is killed

“People need to slow down.”

What do you think is the answer to Farsley’s traffic problems? Have your say in the comments below.






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