Bramley: Campaign launched to build skatepark


A campaign to build an outdoor skatepark for youngsters in Bramley has been launched.

Led by local resident Liam Walker, the campaign asks Leeds West MP Rachel Reeves to help deliver a new concrete skatepark for local youngsters. It’s understood Bramley Park is a potential venue.

So far an online petition has attracted 37 names – and more people are being urged to support it.

Mr Walker said:

“We want to give our children a place to go and be creative and have fun, and give them something they want and need.

“We want to create a dedicated place for skateboarders, BMXers and scooters to ride.

“It will mean one place for all of these people to come together and use the facility, for free. For lots of people, spending time at the skatepark will be something cool to do that doesn’t cost any money. For our community, having a great skatepark will serve to show the region that we understand how to engage our young adults.”

The petition can be viewed and signed here.






  1. Does Mr Liam Walker actually live anywhere near Bramley Park? If not then let him have a concrete skate park, and everything it brings with it, near his home! Surely a concrete monstrosity would ruin the look of the park which, in its current form, is a tremendous asset to the local community.

  2. Great idea for the youngsters! There’s not enough for them in Bramley and this would be perfect. The park’s there for everyone and it’s big enough to accommodate this.

    Sad but predictable that the ‘Nimby’ brigade are already moaning (and yes I do live near the park)

  3. Accusations of being a “nimby” are only justified if no valid reasons exist against a project. In this instance, housing is close to any flat area on the park, which would accommodate such a structure. In my opinion, a skatepark would represent a specific “noise nuisance” to all residents nearby.
    Bramley park is not a suitable location and those proposing such a venture should look elsewhere, in a location remote from housing.


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