Re-opening of Wyther Lane Bridge delayed – again

wyther lane bridge
Wyther Lane. Photo: Paul Chatterton

The re-opening of the busy bridge at Amen Corner/Wyther Lane has been delayed for the third time.

Armley councillors this afternoons shared an update from the Highways team regarding delays in completing the work, which was originally expected to be completed in October. It said:

“We are awaiting NPG to complete their power supply connections. They are set to be on site again this afternoon which if completed will allow us to follow on early next week to install the signal controller and turn the signals on.”

Armley councillor Lou Cunningham posted on social media:

“Apologies for the further delays, which are being investigated. Please feel free to email any of us on the issue.”

As reported by WLD, the historic canal bridge has been closed to traffic since Monday, 26 July initially to allow owners the Canal and River Trust to carry out permanent repair work following a car crash which badly damaged part of the bridge back in March

The bridge did not reopen and in September contractors moved in to install permanent traffic lights for Leeds City Council in a bid to make the bridge safer for drivers, cyclists and pedestrians.

Here’s a list of completion dates given by the council over the past four months:

  1. When work started in early September there was an expected re-opening date of early October.
  2. In late October the council issued a statement saying the work would be finished by 5 November. In early November the council dismissed the contractors due to ‘serious failings’.
  3. A re-opening date of 1 December was given less than a fortnight ago – but this has also been missed.

Local residents have recently expressed frustration over the long-running saga, complaining about rat-running in the area and long traffic delays down Broad Lane.

On Monday, 15 March, a car crashed into the bridge and destroyed some of it, sparking concerns over road safety from local residents and drivers and a subsequent 691-name petition for safety improvements.


  1. What a shock! Not! I spoke to Highways this afternoon and was told that it be open by close of play this evening. I told them that I would not hold my breath. The residents of Kirkstall Avenue and Kirkstall Mount are sick and tired of the feeble excuses given for the delays.It is not a massive project just get your act together LCC and get it finished.


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