Wyther Lane Bridge re-opening delayed until November

wyther lane bridge
Wyther Lane. Photo: Paul Chatterton

Highways chiefs have said Wyther Lane Bridge is set to re-open ‘by early November’ – more than a month later than originally expected.

The historic canal bridge had originally been closed to traffic since Monday, 26 July to allow owners the Canal and River Trust to carry out permanent repair work following a car crash which damaged part of the bridge back in March

wyther lane bridge
Damaged: The Wyther Lane Bridge was originally damaged in March. Photo: Paul Chatterton

In early September council workmen moved in to install permanent traffic lights in a bid to make the bridge safer for drivers, cyclists and pedestrians – with an expected re-opening date of early October.

In a statement issued today, a spokesperson from Leeds City Council’s press office offered no explanation for the latest delays, but said:

“Following initial repairs on Wyther Lane Bridge being delayed due to unforeseen engineering issues, Leeds City Council as part of its own individual work on the project has moved forward with the installation of permanent traffic lights.

“Installation of the lights is expected to be completed by early November, we would like to apologise to residents for any inconvenience whilst this essential work takes place.”

A signed diversion route is available via Raynville Road, Outgang Lane and Broad Lane. As reported by Leeds Live, the work has led to traffic congestion in the Broad Lane area and some people having difficulty reaching the shops.

On Monday, 15 March, a car crashed into the bridge and destroyed some of it, sparking concerns over road safety from local residents and drivers and a subsequent 691-name petition for safety improvements.


  1. Early November? So next week, then?

    I will be interested to see the revised traffic light configuration, because the previous arrangement was a nightmare, especially at the Brewery/Student Flats junction, with cars turning right 3 abreast in their urgency to beat the lights, and ignoring the so-called yellow box markings.

  2. The difficulty local residents have, its the diversion signs are inadequate. There is a sign at the bridge itself, and then nothing until the top end of Raynville road, by which time everyone has diverted themselves along the narrow Kirkstall Avenue. Its becoming intolerable. The signs at both ends of the street (resident access only) have now both disappeared.
    Please please can we have an additional diversion sign on both ends of Kirkstall avenue, telling people to travel further up Broad lane and Raynville road.

    • Is the official diversion route if you are going up Broad Lane brewery hill, to turn left at Spar? As you say, diversonees have all turned left well before then, and come face to face with traffic diverted from the other end of the bridge wanting to get ON to Broad Lane.

      There is a lot of residential parking on Kirkstall Ave, which exacerbates the situation. I have actually seen 2 vehicle accidents at the Broad Lane junction. Furthermore, that is just where the 49 bus wants to enter/exit the Broadlees. Meanwhile, the traffic is jammed right back up to the top of the hill, where The Sandford used to be.


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