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Pudsey Park playground to close for refurbishment

Work on a £260,000 improvement to the play park in Pudsey Park and fencing surrounding the area is set to start next week.

As WLD reported in January, plans for the historic park include doubling the number of swings, a new roundabout and a climbing tower.

pudsey park revamp plan

All the existing equipment will be removed, with the exception of the spider web, which is still in good condition.

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Work will start next Monday (9 May, 2022) and will continue for an unspecified period of time.

Funding for improvements will come from section 106 funding, which are contributions paid to Leeds City Council by developers when building new homes in the Pudsey ward.

Pudsey Park playground: Photo: Betty Longbottom


  1. Another faultless performance by LCC…. summer almost here, school holidays only a few weeks away, so let’s close the children’s playground for “an unspecified period of time”. Well done!!

  2. I have to agree the timing of the closure of pudsey park for an indefinite period of time will impact greatly on the people of Pudsey and the surrounding businesses that people access when they visit our lovely Park – playground and gardens. Surely there should be a time bound contract in place!! . What are the guidelines for completion of the works?

    • No such thing as making contractors stick with the plan .Have to check how they got the contract in the first place!!
      Just keep doling out public money!

  3. No, it’s not anywhere near finished and when my husband passed today the workmen were standing round chatting! Also some of the new equipment looks more dangerous than that it’s replaced…I wouldn’t let my granddaughter go on it.

  4. This is the people who can just increase your council tax willy Milly
    Just to squander more and more.
    They say they are considerate contractors which is another way of saying
    Lazy gits.
    The kids are the real victims here our lunatics run the council asylum.

  5. As children with disabilities been included in this refurbishment, as I have not come across any park that has any equipment for a disabled child.

  6. September and still not finished. Terrible timing and unacceptable length of time for refurbishment. This has done Pudsey a great disservice over a brilliant summer where businesses could have had benefitted from people coming to the park. My grandchildren are 4 and 6 worry that they’ll be teenagers before it’s completed.


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