Kirkstall: Have a say on green spaces and footpaths that need protecting

kirkstall valley farm burley
Grants: Kirkstall Valley.

People who live, work, or enjoy leisure in Kirkstall and Burley are being asked their views on protecting green space, footpaths, buildings and structures and development sites.

Community organisation Kirkstall Neighbourhood Forum is putting together a draft Kirkstall Neighbourhood Plan, which will give residents better control over new development and greater influence over the spending of local funds. 

Tom Brannigan, from Kirkstall Neighbourhood Forum (KNF), said:

“This will ensure that, we as the KNF, are reflecting their views not just our own and to ensure we don’t miss anything. This is part of our ongoing engagement with the community.”

KNF has put together four short surveys, focussing on:

  • Green spaces that need protecting (including parks, play areas, nature areas, green areas that have been damaged by e.g. stripping of trees, grass, vegetation.
  • Footpaths – many footpath in the area are not registered and therefore not protected.
  • Buildings – buildings, structures, man made features that need protecting.
  • Potential development sites including brownfield sites.

The surveys can be found here.


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