Positive Ofsted report for Park Spring Primary


By Matthew Shaw

Park Spring Primary School in Swinnow has received a ‘good’ report from Ofsted inspector.

The report, released today, states that the school has an ambitious curriculum multiple times within the report.

Reading, spelling and phonics are taught in tandem allowing an increased comprehension of any texts pupils are required to read. Paired with visits from authors and visits to theatres that perform pupils favourites, children are excited to read and greatly enjoy it. 

Children are encouraged to join extra curricular activities. They can enjoy various sports which keeps them healthy and can also enjoy cooking lessons after school which allows them to learn a new life skill.

An after and before school club also allows parents who work outside school hours and not have to sacrifice anything to allow their child to get an education.

Staff are not ignored, with their workload being described by inspectors as manageable and considered. All staff receive appropriate safeguard training with weekly updates which allows children to feel safe at school.

The school also performs all necessary checks on top of a few extra checks ensuring that anyone working or visiting is perfectly safe around children. 

Staff were heavily praised for their kind and caring attitude by children and parents alike. One parent claimed that: “This is a caring school that goes the extra mile for every child and family.” A child said that: “Everyone is kind and helps you.” 

To conclude, Park Spring is considered safe with caring staff that encourage pupils to their best with an intelligently formed curriculum and robust system of teaching reading and phonics.

Read the full Ofsted report here.


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