Podcast: The Wild West Episode 4

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Episode four of our Wild West podcast looks at dangerous junctions, traffic congestion and buses.

We also discuss volunteering, Kirkstall in Bloom and Kirkstall Festival.

West Leeds Dispatch editor John Baron chats with Jim Corah of Kirkstall in Bloom.

(You may need to turn your volume up as audio levels are a little quiet in places).


  1. Thanks for a very interesting podcast, especially the parts about enjoying volunteering and problems with traffic and travel in West Leeds.

    I would very much like you to cover the environmental aspects of the amount of traffic in our area, especially air quality and the effect of poor air quality and noise, caused by road and air travel. The people who live near Kirkstall Road A65 and Tong Road are affected by traffic fumes as well as accidents. We are under a Flight path too, which is rarely mentioned.

    I am particularly interested in
    1. the impact of poor environment on people walking around (including cars parked on pavements, cycling on pavements and ginnels, fumes from cars, speeding vehicles, as well as air quality) especially on young people going to and from schools, colleges and universities.

    2. the environmental effects on residents of people in vehicles using our area as a corridor to get to and from work/business and an informal park and ride where they park near bus stops and stations and leave their cars for the day, such as on Cardigan Lane near Burley Road and Burley Park Station.


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