Petition for traffic calming on A647 launched


A West Leeds woman has launched a campaign to slow speeding motorists on a notorious stretch of road ‘before someone is killed’.

Lisa Jamieson has launched a petition to encourage Leeds City Council to put speed cameras along the A647 in Pudsey from Thornbury roundabout to Dawson’s Corner in a bid to enforce the 40 mph speed limit.

She is also calling for CCTV cameras on the pedestrian crossings to stop cars jumping the lights. Almost 200 people have signed the online petition in just a couple of days.

Ms Jamieson said:

“Drivers regularly speed up and down the length of the road from Bradford to Leeds and back again, turning at the roundabout at Dawson’s Corner.

“Drivers also regularly jump the pedestrian lights outside the Woodhall post office and there has been several near misses involving local residents including children and babies in prams.

“The police have been informed on some occasions when we have been able to get car registration numbers, however traffic calming measures are desperately needed before someone gets killed or severely injured.”

Ms Jamieson acknowledged that the problem wasn’t a new one, but urged fellow residents ‘not to give up’. Her online petition gained the support of ‘June P’, who posted:

“Numerous drivers fail to stop at the red lights on the Thornbury junction and more frequently recently at the Dawsons Corner roundabout.

“I’ve had a few near miss incidents on both junctions in my car. I also nearly got knocked over by a vehicle turning left from the Pudsey-Calverley filter lane onto the A647 to Bradford instead of using the left hand filter lane. The A647 has become a favourite route for the Bradford Boy Racers late at night. It needs to stop.”

The petition can be signed here.


  1. The Road is so busy cars going through the traffic is very very dangerous I use the crossing most days and take my mum out in a wheel chair as it makes you feel unsafe the road really needscameras to stop speeding.and also lower speeds as cars are using it like a race track at all would be really good to get the road sorted out of a matter of is very dangerous

  2. Speed cameras are needed there it’s lawless day and night heading from Dawson’s Corner to Thornbury only a matter of time before someone is killed!


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