Mark’s History: The Bramley mill with a telescopic chimney


Ever heard about the Bramley mill with a telescopic chimney and a fab fountain? MARK STEVENSON reveals all in his latest Mark’s History column.

The ‘telescopic’ chimney at Elmfield Mill, Bramley. Photo: Mark Stevenson

There is no exact date as to when Elmfield Mill was built, but there is a stone with a inscription that reads “Wm TURNER and Haner, his wife, AD 1732,”

The mill has had various owners over the years. When it was in the ownership of Philip Harrap business was so slow that mill workers were paid to dig a hole in the grounds of Elmfield House to a depth of 37 feet.

elmfield mills bramley external
Elmfield Mills is off Back Lane, Bramley. Photo: Mark Stevenson

A fountain was installed at Elmfield House, which was originally in front of the Town Hall.

The fountain was set so that the water began to play when the engine at the mill started, so the occupier of the house knew when work commenced.

The mill has a unique telescopic chimney which could be raised and lowered as needed.


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