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Paul Abraham: The lockdown emergency box which helped save my life

Bramley resident and mental health first aider PAUL ABRAHAM runs www.headingonwards.comHere, he provides tips on how to boost your wellbeing during lockdown and beyond …

The longer the country remains in lockdown it is inevitable that we are all going to have days where our mental health will struggle and we’ll have “down” days. 

One way to prepare for the worst days is to create your own “emergency box”. 

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On New Year’s Eve 2014 I was five minutes from taking my own life and it was my “emergency box” which resulted in me still being here now and allowed me to help and advise other people who are struggling and suffering from mental health issues.

Remember the box is personal and individual to you, so can contain anything that brings a smile to your face and gives you happy and inspiring feelings. 

This could be favourite photographs of family and friends, a favourite CD or DVD, a list of motivating quotes, a bottle of your favourite tipple or an expensive box of chocolates. 

A small bottle of aromatherapy oil, which when smelt triggers a wonderful memory of someone or somewhere special can also be included.

Keep the box safe and only use it when you really need a big lift. 

After you have used it then replenish it with other favourite things in case you need to go to it again in the future.

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  1. That’s a fantastic idea. What’s keeping me going as I come to the end of my fourth week of isolation are the daily photos and videos of my two youngest grandchildren which our youngest daughter sends us and the regular phone calls from the family. Stay safe


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