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Mark’s History: The Pudsey Road boundary stone with a long history

By Mark Stevenson

I noticed this boundary stone on Pudsey Road and it reminded me of the one that used to stand at the Rodley Lane Coal Hill junction in Rodley.

The one in Rodley had stood for 156 years until some idiot in a car damaged it in 2018.

rodley boundary stone damaged 2
Damaged: The stone in Rodley was knocked over. Photo: Mark Stevenson

The inscription on the front of the one in Rodley read – ‘SST TDC 1862’ which stands for Parish of Stanningley St Thomas in the Deanery of Calverley.

Looking at the one on Pudsey Road it looks like it may say the same as the one that was in Rodley. 

The boundary stone on Pudsey Road is weather worn. Photo: Mark Stevenson

If that is the case then this stone has been here since 1862 as well.

Let’s hope it does not end up the same way as the one in Rodley did!


  1. Mark wssn’t the Rodley one supposed to be reinstated? Or is this another case of Leeds City Council promising one thing and doing the complete opposite?

    Could the one on Pudsey Road be adopted by the local residents, cleaned uo and ensured it doesn’t mysterially ‘disappear’!

  2. Hi Gents, I work for a construction company in hunslet and we may have located the lost Rodley marker. We have built some houses and while clearing brush and material out we have found a stone with the same markings SST TDC 1862.

    If someone has the means to pick it up and return it to its home. I’ll set it aside somwhere.
    Please contact me via e-mail and we can return this piece of local history to its home.


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